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Registration (登録): 2021/12/01 - 2021/12/31
Impressions (印象): 2022/01/01 - 2022/01/31

Registration/Production Rules

1. Your song must be a remix/remake of a song featured in Popira 2. Linked below is a playlist of songs featured if you have not played/heard of Popira 2 before/are unfamiliar with the songs.
2. You are under no circumstances allowed to do 1:1 remakes of songs, just changing the soundfonts around and calling it a day. Remakes must be original in some form.
3. Copying other user's works is strictly forbidden.
4. You may chart for any style/mode available in your average BMS player, however you must have at least one playable chart. Also, I personally think it would be awesome if everyone included a chart that is a direct 1:1 conversion of the original Popira 2 chart.
5. You may register as many times as you want, as there are no limits.

#ポピラ20 BMSリミックス/リメイクイベントは、ポピラ2の20周年を記念して行われます。2002年にポピラ2が日本にリリースされ、2022年にポピラ20が20周年を迎えます。

Impression Rules

1. The basic rules are similar to the BRS version 003 rules, so if you are unfamiliar with the rules, you may want to read up on them.
2. You must write a comment when giving a score to an entry. Votes/impressions without comments are strictly prohibited.
3. Using a VPN/hosting service/anonymous identity to cast a vote/impression is strictly forbidden.
4. Your scores may range between 0-20 points.
5. Comments must be related to the music, background, and charts (also, make sure you've played at least one of the charts before voting!)
6. Before the Impression Period opens, comments may only be about the BMS download links/issues related to them (ex: the download link being broken, files not being included when they should be [such as a chart, audio file, or background], etc.)

1。基本的なルールはBRS version 003のルールに似ているため、ルールに慣れていない場合は、それらをよく読んでください。
3. VPN /ホスティングサービス/匿名IDを使用して投票/インプレッションを行うことは固く禁じられています。
6.インプレッション期間が始まる前は、コメントはBMSダウンロードリンク/それらに関連する問題についてのみである可能性があります(例:ダウンロードリンクが壊れている、ファイルが必要なときに含まれていない[チャート、オーディオファイル、背景など] ]、 NS。)

Ranking Rules

During the event, there will be 2 forms of rankings:
1. Total Ranking
This is not the official ranking that will determine your placement.
Entries will be ranked based on the total score given to them in the Impression Period. In the case that songs may be tied, the following order will be used:
Average score >> Comparing every impression from high to low ratings >> The latest impression's post time >> Registration order

2. Final Ranking
This is the official ranking format that will determine placements, as well as which entries will be prominently featured on the album and YouTube video.
Entries will be ranked based on the following formula, as well as cosmetic points awarded based on the host's favorite entries:
(this is a formula, using / to denote a fraction)
Score =
The total score of n impressions selected based on the highest scores / n x 20
x 200 + Average + 2

(n = The lowest number of impressions in one entry. Impressions with higher scores will be favored over lower scores. The maximum score is 222.)
In the case that entries have the same score, the following order will be used:
Total score of n chosen impressions >> Average score >> Total score >> Comparing every impression from high to low ratings >> The latest impression's post time >> Registration order


最高スコアに基づいて選択されたnインプレッションの合計スコア/ n x 20
x 200+平均+2

(n = 1つのエントリのインプレッション数が最も少ない。スコアが高いインプレッションは、スコアが低いよりも優先されます。最大スコアは222です。)

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